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Logistics services is a dynamic world, one in which efficiency is key. Logistics and Supply Chain are becoming increasingly important to business operations. Optimisation throughout the chain is essential if businesses are to stay relevant. This is where the foundations are laid. Co-ordinating and optimising daily logistics processes is the order of the day. Striving for perfection, aided by motivated staff, all of whom make an important contribution. In addition, new and emerging technology and consumers’ online buying behaviour are accelerating logistics and transport.

Organisations that are active within the Supply Chain must be able to keep up with the pace. Companies do this by attracting the right talent – talented staff who have a natural insight into the market and are always prepared to go the extra mile. Luke keeps a close eye on all Supply Chain trends; they fascinate us. But what fascinates us even more is making the perfect match between the candidate and our clients. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the sector, reliable recruitment and selection methods, and our extensive network, we are able to complete the picture.

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