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Dare to Grow

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Who is Luke Recruitment and what can we do for you?

Who is Luke?What does Luke do?

In Luke’s world a successful match starts with an inspiring meeting. Obviously that ‘click’ is very important when you first meet someone. But at Luke we have the experience to look beyond that. We use our individual methodical selection methods to help employers find better talent. Our personal approach, multi-channel method, sector focus and broad assessment methods have proved to be very effective in achieving this goal.

Luke consultants specialise in a range of specific business sectors; Agri & Food, Retail, Professional Services, ICT & Innovation and Logistics.

Dare to Grow?
It is more than our mission; it is who we are.

More about Dare to Grow

Every day at Luke Recruitment we enjoy working to help grow everyone around us: our candidates, our clients, our own organisation and employees. Growth makes ambitions and progress possible for everyone.

We connect people who dare to grow. We love the companies that dare to grow. We grow.

What is
What can it do for you?

More about is an online pre-selection and talent-matching platform. Luke Recruitment is building an artificial intelligence (AI) database of potential candidates. This enables Luke Recruitment to have highly-trained, ambitious professionals available for employers at all times. The system uses a smart HR algorithm to predict a candidate’s suitability for the available vacancies, selecting the three, four or five most suitable candidates. The recruitment consultants continue the selection process with these candidates. This method is efficient and reduces the search time considerably.