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Temporary staffing

We recruit Interim Professionals with several years of experience and we will find the right candidate for a temporary position in your company at the click of a button. 

Looking for fresh young talent? We are developing IT traineeships and can help provide clients with suitable IT specialists for challenging problems or temporary projects.

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Why temporary staff?

Interim staff

  • Has specific knowledge within their field
  • Experienced in change management
  • It may be a quick solution in case of leave or pregnancy
  • When recruitment for permanent staffing takes too long

IT secondment

  • Received in-house training in professional expertise as well as soft skills
  • Handover free of charge after 24 months
  • The perfect match in line with your corporate culture
  • Personal training and mentoring from day one


We are happy to help you in regard to questions about a temporary solution

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Juliette Welten

Interim staff

“I am passionate about understanding the person behind the CV, getting to know the culture within companies, and then establishing the best match.”

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Mark Dubbers

IT secondment

“I am at my best when I can sit down with our clients and discuss their staffing challenges.”

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