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What is growth? It requires full commitment to the next level.

Or rather Dare to Grow, which is what we say at Luke’s.

Hence, we are on the lookout for energetic professionals and organisations with oomph. Because we have great dreams and we are fully aware of our combined potential.


Anyone who wants to grow must be willing to learn.

We are convinced that true growth begins with the willingness to learn. In a world that is constantly changing, the ability to adapt and develop new behaviors is crucial.

Therefore, we strongly believe in Learning Agility and have fully integrated it into our selection process. We assess individuals' ability to quickly absorb new information, adapt to changes, and perform effectively in new and unfamiliar situations. It goes beyond possessing specific skills or knowledge.

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Tell us about your challenge.

Our Recruitment Experts are happy to talk to you about the different challenges that are part of any new position.