Supply Chain

Growth begins where people and processes come together. Within the supply chain, efficiency, innovation and sustainability are central.

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Innovating and optimising chains puts various sectors at the cutting edge. There are major changes underway, particularly in the logistics and industrial sectors. This means that companies are seeking professionals who develop effective responses to chain-related issues. The goal: better chain performance, and generating value.

Our clients are seeking supply chain professionals who contribute to concept development, the implementation and mastery of new concepts in a constantly-changing environment. This emerging field requires competencies such as strong analytical skills, a creative and practical attitude, and implementation ability.

Supply Chain consultants

Recruitment Consultant

Valerie Margry

Recruitment Consultant

Hidde Fafiani

Saskia Lolkema Luke

Managing Partner

Saskia Lolkema

Juliette Welten Luke

Recruitment Consultant

Juliƫtte Welten