Dare to Grow! It is more than our mission; it is who we are. Every day at Luke Recruitment we work to grow everyone we work with. Stagnation means decline. Using an interim manager is the solution in various business situations.
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Not only when major changes take place in an organisation can deploying an interim manager be a good solution. Even if no permanent employee has been found for a position or if there is a need for temporary specific knowledge, an interim manager can be of added value. They are not connected to the history of a department or company and can therefore make difficult decisions more easily. They work quickly, result-oriented and have a ton of specific work experience. Companies are increasingly discovering that it is not an additional expense, but an investment in the future.

Accelerate your career with interim challenges. Luke Interim offers interim assignments for interim professionals. Through Luke you can work for companies in growth and development within various fields. For example, we offer you interesting & challenging interim assignments in the fields of Finance, Supply Chain and Technology & Operations.

We invite you to go through the LukeTalentCircle. You will receive an extensive report afterwards. This is an overview of your specific talents, capacities, motives, personality and ambitions. Our consultants then use this data as the basis for conducting the personal conversations in order to select the most suitable Interim assignment for you.


The world is changing faster and faster. The rapidly and radically changing markets require Flexibility. We continuously work on the influx of Interim talent. That is why we have access to the best interim candidates in the fields of Finance, Supply Chain and Technology & Operations at the touch of a button. Using our industry-leading database and proven network capabilities, we select the best possible candidates. All Interim candidates are pre-tested and selected by Luke and are “Luke Proof”: curious, reflective and able to deal effectively with new complex situations, create focus and are open to others, they learn faster in changing situations.

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