Dare to Grow

We connect people who dare to grow. We love the companies that dare to grow. We grow.

The world is changing faster and faster. The rapidly and radically changing markets make long-standing revenue models disappear in almost all industries. This requires other qualities and employees with growth potential, “speed & flexibility”.

Learning Agility of the candidate and the match with the culture of the organization has become even more important. Luke selects candidates with growth potential and the right personality. In addition, Luke measures the culture of the organisation and the match with the candidate. Luke has a transparent process: clients can follow the procedure in real time using our innovative digital recruitment platform.

Learning Agility
Change is the only constant for many organisations. This requires new ways of working and new qualities of employees. Luke selects candidates for Learning Agility.

It is important to know how quickly future employees can master new situations. In other words: Do your future employees have the ability to develop new effective behaviour in a new situation?

Learning Agility: candidates who now and in the future have the qualities to help your organisation further.

Learning Agility: candidates who can quickly develop new effective behaviour based on new experiences.

Luke Proof: Candidates who are curious and reflective, can deal effectively with new complex situations, create focus and are open to others, learn faster in changing situations.

Personality has been a good predictor of behaviour at work for decades and is also stable over time. Luke measures Candidate Personality with a validated questionnaire based on the Big Five and Integrity: HEXACO
The report provides insight into the personality and development potential of future employees.

HEXACO is an online personality assessment based on six basic dimensions:

H. Honesty-Humility
E. Emotionality
X. eXtraversion
A. Agreeableness
C. Conscientiousness
O. Openness to Experience

HEXACO reporting provides a prediction about management level and competence development.

Just as it is possible to assess someone’s personality and competences, it is also possible to test whether someone fits a certain organisational culture. Culture consists of shared ways of thinking and behaviour: these are the self-evident things that people must and may do, and do not do, to work successfully and to “belong”.

The Organisational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) measures the desired work culture. The test measures the extent to which the following four cultures are involved: clan culture, adhocracy culture, hierarchy culture and market culture. The OCAI model measures the four types of organisational cultures.

Overview of culture types

  • Clan culture: A friendly working environment in which people have a lot in common.
  • Adhocracy culture: A dynamic, entrepreneurial and creative working environment.
  • Market culture: A result-oriented, competitive organisation in which completion of work counts.
  • Hierarchy culture: A highly formalised and structured working environment, focused on efficiency.

Transparent process: working together on one platform
Luke uses the ATS system (applicant tracking system) Workable.

Options for the client:

  • Real time: full insight into all steps of the recruitment process.
  • Insight into the contact history: the candidate file such as the CV, the assessment report and the interview report.
  • Ability to provide feedback on candidates and approve or reject candidates.
  • Downloadable Workable app in the app store.
  • Complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).