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The food sector is one that is subject to dynamic market developments. For example, organisations in this sector are dealing with a consumer who is increasingly in charge, demanding more and more in terms of quality, innovation, availability, price, and transparency. This trend is irreversible. Organisations that are – and remain – receptive to the wishes and needs of this (internationally oriented) consumer, and who are also able to produce a sustainable response, are the ones who create the best-received products and so have a head start on the competition.

For these organisations, it’s important that they employ professionals who are distinguished by their market-oriented viewpoint, their passion, and their ability to form partnerships throughout the entire chain. The recruiting and selection of these professionals requires in-depth knowledge of the sector, an extensive and high-quality network, and the ability to screen these people optimally and set them in motion. We meet these criteria thanks to our personal and genuine interest in what motivates our network, along with our qualitatively strong and independent recruitment and selection methods.

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Nikki de Munk

Recruitment Expert

Jacoline van Blijderveen – van Lavieren

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Managing Partner

Saskia Lolkema